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Interchangeable, Personalizeable Picture Pendant


Years ago, I startedImagePartwayIn making my own pendants out of bread/white glue dough, so I could attach my own images. One pendant per image. Now I can wear any image I want in one necklace just by trading pieces of paper/card stock in the back of it!


I started with a 1″x11/16″ oval glass cabochon from the craft store (part of a “Bead Landing” “Found Objects” package), although any size or shape of cabochon should work. With jewelry pliers, I formed a double loop (for hanging) in gold 18 gauge jewelry wire, then wrapped the wire twice around the edge of the cabochon, once a little more toward the front and once a little more more toward the back, ending by wrapping the wire once around the original loop and then bringing it down the back of the cabochon. I took the cabochon out and bent the last bit of wire toward the front a little, so it would put pressure on the cabochon when I put it back in. I secured the cabochon to the front wrap of wire with a line of “Glossy Accents” (any clear adhesive suitable for glass should work).



Empty Pendant, Front



Empty Pendant, Side

Empty Pendant, Back

Empty Pendant, Back


Then I just printed the images I wanted on card stock, cut them out and slipped them under the wire on the back of the charm!


Pendant with St. Agnes Image



Same pendant with Our Lady, Untier of Knots



Back of pendant with image


This design isn’t as secure as I’d like. The images have stayed in for me when I wore them, but they could get knocked out. I have ideas for improving the design, but for now I’m pretty excited about the possibilities!