Altar Lace


These are very much in progress…

They were designed using Sand Castle Designs software (I couldn’t have done it without it!), which gives a “preview” of the finished pieces. That’s what I’m showing for the largest piece.

The design was inspired by this.

The two smaller pieces are meant to hang from niches holding figures of the Blessed Virgin & St. Joseph, respectively. They are 18″ by 5″, crocheted with size 50 thread & a size 11 hook, using triple crochet, chain 3 filet (instead of the usual double crochet, chain 2, so each square is 4 stitches instead of the usual 3), which makes the design stand out more.

These first two were crocheted starting from the short side, left to right.



The large piece is meant to drape from the front of the altar. It’s 54″x 10″, with the same size thread & hook & filet type as the other two. For a chart large enough to use, double click on the image & then click the magnifying glass. The second chart makes it easier to count the filled blocks. I’m using both for my own work.

I hope you’re inspired to pick up your crochet hook & join me in beautifying the house of God!

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