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Birthday Magic Box

When I found “magic boxes”, I had to give them a try.



The butterfly is from Silhouette, with a rainbow fill added (I was astonished to learn that although Silhouette doesn’t allow copy & paste between files, it does allow “drop & drag” from almost anywhere!). I brushed them with glue & sprinkled with clear glitter.

The swirl embossing was done by cutting a file I created in Silhouette Studio (which WordPress won’t allow me to upload) and using a stylus to press squares of cardstock into it. A little brush with an inkpad brought out the design.

Lift the lid, and the box falls open:

The text reads:

In Celebration
Nine Months After
Your InCarnation
Happy Birthday!

(“Carne” means “flesh”,
so “Incarnation” literally means “enfleshment”, ie. conception–
the carnation gets its name from being flesh colored)

The green “fill” is a photo of our lawn in bright sunlight under trees.

Carnations are one of my mom’s favorite flowers, so I worked them in with the butterflies.

The carnations were made by folding squares of paper in half twice

…cutting with tiny zigzag scissors (with a cut down the center & each side to make petals)

…pleating the edges against my fingers with a pair of tweezers

…crumpling the petals along the pleating & rubbing the tips against an inkpad

…and layering 8 or 9 sets of these for each flower (gluing them together in the center). A calyx cut from similarly folded green paper finished each one off.

The ovals were also designed & cut in the Silhouette (although I had to finish a lot of the cuts by hand–I was having trouble with my blade with things that intricate).

To make the flowers & butterflies “fly”, I cut strips of plastic left from laminating relic cards (The cards are laminated several per sheet & cut out, so there are scraps of fused plastic from the edges). I bent back about 3/8″ on each end, glued a butterfly or flower to one bent end & tucked the other through a slit in the base of the card. I glued down the bent ends on the underside of the card, then cut a second bottom to glue over them (to hide & stabilize them).

A personalized greeting was written on a separate square of paper & glued into the under side of the lid.

It was a hit!

Solomon’s Garden Popup Wedding Card

This is based on images found in the Song of Solomon in the Holy Bible
(aka Song of Songs, Canticle of Canticles or just Canticles):
A garden enclosed, a fountain, mountains, palm, apple and pomegranate trees, doves,
twin fawns, wheat encircled by lilies, roses and grapes.

Those of you who follow “At Home In Our Domestic Church”
will recognize this as an upgrade of the invitation for the “Solomon’s Garden” date!

Although I can’t post the file I used to create this,
(some of the images aren’t mine to share
and it’s a monster file!)
Here’s the next best thing: SolomonsGarden1
The images can’t be edited (although the text inside can), the image quality isn’t as good,
and I used a different image for the “Welcome to Solomon’s Garden” tab,
but it’s the best I can manage online.
I used digital photos of our lawn & the sky for the grass & sky,
& either drew, redrew or edited the other images.
The last page of the file has step-by-step instructions
(please tell me if you can’t make them work!).

The sparkle on the gate is from a “Clear Star” Jellyroll pen
(I use this all the time!)
and the corners were punched with Multi-Shaper punch “Fireworks“.

It’s a basic tab-style pop-up,
but on the front of the card instead of inside
(idea thanks to Vintage Pop-Up Cards, by Taylor Hagerty).

Here’s the card completely closed:

The bottom opens, making the image 3-D
(the deer and wheat encircled by lilies come forward behind the gates–
the photo doesn’t show that very well):

Here’s the inside:

And here’s a side view of the tabs that pop the images forward:

May this get your creative juices flowing!