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Eucharistic Rosary

I love the Eucharist.
I owe my faith (and what sanity I have!) to Jesus’ abiding Presence in the Tabernacle.
So it was no real surprise that when we visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help this summer
(the only approved apparition of Our Lady in the U.S.),
I was taken by the Eucharistic rosary made by the Fathers of Mercy
(who serve the spiritual needs of the shrine)
sold in their gift shop…
except I wanted it reversed–for the “Our Father” beads to be larger than the “Hail Mary” beads.

I didn’t find quite the same “Precious Blood” beads,
but 5x8mm teardrop bamboo coral beads serve the purpose.
The “Hosts” are mother-of-pearl.
I can see why the Fathers of Mercy charge as much as they do–the supplies aren’t cheap!

The wire I had was either too thick (broke a couple beads trying to get it through)
or too thin to hold up to normal use, so I did a quick study on wire wrapping.
I’m still pretty clumsy at it, but it did the job.
Tweezers are a big help in tucking in the last ends (I don’t have bent-nose pliers).
I wasn’t fussy about doing three wraps–
I figured one’s enough to secure the wire & any extra are a bonus.
For the connecting loops I curled the thicker wire into figure 8’s.

The crucifix is one I had from a broken rosary (I spray-painted it gold).

The centerpiece came from Madonna Catholic Supply Company (my photo doesn’t do it justice).

I love praying with this!
Holding a representation of the Precious Blood while meditating on any of the mysteries
gives a whole new perspective to the life of Christ…
and to Holy Communion and Eucharistic Adoration.
At the Annunciation, Mary became the first Tabernacle,
containing Jesus within her womb.
Within weeks, the Precious Blood flowed for the first time
through Jesus’ tiny Sacred Heart.
The Visitation was the first Eucharistic Procession.
The birth of Jesus inaugurated the first Eucharistic Adoration (and so on).

I’ve already made a second one for a fellow parishioner and have beads for 2 more…