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Lifelike Crocheted Johnny-Jump-Up

I’ve never been satisfied with the crocheted pansy patterns I’ve found…
perusing the internet offerings yesterday inspired me to try my own:

The two flowers without stems are crocheted–the violet & yellow at top center,
and the yellow at lower left. The others are real flowers.

These are Johnny-Jump-Ups–
the pattern could be altered a little to make them look more like violets or pansies.

Start with a magic circle (for best results, keep the ring small), ch 2.
All in ring: 3trc, 1dc, 3trc, ch 2, sl st (bottom petal), *ch 3, 4 trc, ch3, sl st (side petal), repeat from* once (second side petal), sl in 1st ch of bottom petal, pull tail to tighten ring, ch1, turn.

Working behind side petals, insert hook into the middle of side petal just worked and out through the center ring.

Grab thread and pull through for a sl st. ch1, insert hook into center ring between 2 side petals and sl st,

ch1, insert hook into the middle of second side petal and out center ring (as for previous petal), sl st. If you want to switch colors, this would be the time to pick up the second color. ch 3, turn.

In last ch 1 made (still behind side petals), trc, 2dtrc (wrap 3 times around hook), trc, ch 3, sl st.

Sl st into next ch 1 and repeat (ch 3, trc, 2 dtrc, trc, ch 3, sl st). Fasten off.

Sew seed bead to center of flower if desired (a touch of black embroidery radiating from the center would make them even more realistic!).


Crocheted Cattleya Corsage

When I found this pattern for a crocheted orchid in FaveCrafts, I thought of Mother’s Day! This vintage pattern gave me the idea of adding color with crayons!

And I made a few modifications…

I wanted the orchid a little larger, so I lengthened the three straplike petals by 2 rows (at the widest point on each).

I wanted the upper side petals to ruffle a little, so I turned the sc of rnd 2 into dc, alternating 2 dc in one stitch & 3 in the next. At the tips, I did 2 dc, trc, 2 dc to turn the corner. The last round was ch2, sk 1 st, sc (repeat around, with ch 2, sc in same st. at the tips).

The center petal I fudged. I don’t have exact instructions, so if you’re a beginner, I’m afraid this is going to be Greek to you! My apologies… If you’re used to trying variations, this will give you grist for the mill. I’ve done 4 of these now & they’re all a little different.

On the first rnd, I only put 7 dc in the first ch. And on Rnd 4, I diverged completely. Instead of going all the way around, I went back & forth for 4 rows, working 8-10 st. On some I started with a 3 dc cluster over the first 3 dc, *dc in next, 2 dc in next (rpt from *2-3x), a 3dc cluster over the next 3 dc, turn (then I’d do something similar back & forth). On others I didn’t multiply the dc, which worked too. The idea is to lengthen the bottom of the lip without lengthening the top.

Once I had 4 rows of back & forth, I started going around again, with dc, ch 1, dc in next st (or edge of st, as the case may be)–that gives it the ruffled edge–to the top center of the lip, where I put 3 (dc ch 1) in one st, sk 1 st, sl st in each of next 3-4 st, sk 1 st, 3 (dc ch 1 in next st) & resume dc ch 1 to the end.

This picture shows the top center of the lip a little better :

I was aiming for something similar to this.

The last rnd was sc in next ch 1, ch 3 (rpt around), but sl st at the top center of the lip (in sl st of previous rnd)

And yes, the coloring is crayon!
I dropped the whole flower in boiling water, smoothed it out & let it dry (you could starch it).

I tacked the edges of the petals together (could sl st them together on your way around–I would’ve if I’d known ahead of time!), added a pin to the back & voila–a permanent corsage!